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Opening Match – First Pics

The teams from the kick-off game
Approximately 36 players and one dog gave their all in a thrilling encounter

The Light Shirts played the Dark Shirts in a hard fought encounter on a sunny afternoon in Battersea Park. Final score was Lights 6, Darks 4. These are some pics taken by Caz that capture some of the elation and despair of this 10-goal thriller. Read the match report here.

Chris gained unfair advantage by masquerading as a referee2 goals and a constant threat – Chris’s physics-defying second goal curling in from the byline had to be the moment of the afternoon

Sir Tom "Tommy" ThomasLights star Sir Tom “Tommy” Thomas gave a breathtaking display of old skool skill, but the warm spring sunshine on his moustache wax reduced his effectiveness in the second half.

Goalmouth actionThe Darks survived many goal mouth scrambles, but in the end, confusion over who was actually in goal cost them a penalty ably converted by Phil.

Lights keeper and Man of the Match BenLights keeper and Moet & Chandon Man of the Match Ben marred a gritty performance between the sticks with some suicidal ball distribution.

Written by on Monday, March 25th, 2002

15 comments on this post

  1. Ouch – i hurt everywhere!

    Someone mentioned that there is only supposed to be one goal keeper in a football team. Surely they are mistaken?

  2. if my stomach hurts like this after one game will i have a six pack if i play a couple more?

  3. very controversially, my legs are fine (Sir Charles can hardly walk he tells me)but mysteriously after I fell over and injured my shoulder causing discomfort, said discomfort has now moved from my shoulder to my bicep…(go figure)…I can hardly open a door…good practice for being old and weak I guess….any medical advice much appreciated…

  4. In answer to Rob (Comments 03/25/2002)

    You are mistaken.There is only one goalkeeper in a football team.Just like there’s only one referee,and when he sends you off , he doesn’t expect you to come back on five minutes later.

  5. But ref – i was substituted within 20 Earth seconds by a clone created by an alien species that travels the universe seeking football injustices. Is that legit?

  6. The one you call Rob speaks the truth. Our work here is done.

  7. Sir Tommy – I am getting the same shit!! 2 days later and still new pieces begin to hurt – discomfort all over. Medically, I am taking the pint.

  8. and just to clarify the confusion, yellow is playing for the lights. i use the term ‘playing’ in the broadest possible sense.

  9. …as we Darks found out to our cost. As I recall, no-one made that mistake twice, but since almost everyone made it once, could the confusion have been the deciding factor in Lights victory?

  10. vacca had a sensational game. He got in early doors,sold afew lollipops and a dummy,scored a cracker,and at the end of the day he must have been absolutely gutted not to be on the winning team.

  11. Ben – how many pints did your doctor recommend? (And can he write me a prescription too).

  12. Doc says 10 of the pale yellow ones plus 3 or 4 of the black ones with the white tops should do it. Had to pay for ’em myself – shandy only on the NHS.

    Chris – lame excuse, mate! How could yellow possibly be considered dark ??

  13. maybe you’d best buy some stripes before you’re 1st international match.

  14. Will that be Red Stripes Mel?

  15. yup loads a red stripes and a few blue strips should do it

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